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Tempora sapiente magnam vitae maxime aut aut. Numquam explicabo ea et rerum vitae. Repellendus aliquid ad nostrum libero nulla quos. Ipsam delectus rerum reprehenderit suscipit sed quae illum. Id dolores quo tenetur debitis dolor recusandae consectetur. Mollitia at dolor soluta temporibus asperiores nobis quia. Commodi minima delectus voluptatibus veniam. Ut consequuntur quod quis rerum incidunt cum qui sed. Consequatur odit … Read More


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This concept is an idea I came up with several years ago when I was going through troubled times. I had very little or no money at all. I was almost starting to feel desperate because of my financial obligations. The challenge I was faced with was figuring out how to home school and raise a child with special needs … Read More

What Popped my tires on the 110 fwy?

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HELP NEEDED!! I am trying to figure out what in the world could I have hit on the 110 fwy on Friday Feb 17, 2017.  That was the day that California received record rainfall.  I drove through the worst of rains all day without a problem.  I was extra careful all day.  I was just finishing a treacherous day of … Read More